SIG-i Capital AG is a special situations investment firm that provides junior debt and senior equity financing to mid-sized companies.


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Genesis, Culture and Philosophy


SIG-i Capital AG was founded by former executives of Special Investments Group of Credit Suisse in 2019. The two senior team members have known each other for over fifteen years. The rest of the team has an established track of collaboration in the last few years.


The firm values hard work, perseverance and loyalty. A typical SIG-let species is characterized by the presence of witty, inquisitive and flexible mind, piercing, all-seeing eyes and an insatiable appetite for learning.


SIG-i Capital deploys value investing philosophy that involves obtaining a thorough understanding of an investee company’s business model and strategy. SIG-i plays a role of a supportive and patient capital provider. It stays engaged with the investees during an entire investment period and takes an active but constructive stance in adverse market conditions.

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