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Private Credit



SIG-i Capital is a specialist provider of alternative credit financing to medium-sized companies in Europe. Our typical investees are borrowers with solid fundamentals temporarily exposed to non-standard conditions.

Welcome from the CEO

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SIG-i  employees come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Whilst English is the most used language at SIG-i, one could hear conversations in German, Dutch, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish and Russian. Work experience varies from two to twenty years spanning across public equities trading and analysis, private credit structuring and investing, and entrepreneurship. 

Origins and philosophy


SIG-i Capital AG was founded by former executives of Special Investments Group of Credit Suisse in 2019. The two senior team members have known each other for over fifteen years. The rest of the team has an established track of collaboration in the last few years.


SIG-i Capital's ticket sizes range between EUR10m and EUR30m. Transaction terms vary depending on the risks of an underlying business, the type of instrument and the quality of the security package.

Realised returns track at a mid-teens IRR.


The firm values hard work, perseverance and loyalty. A typical SIG-let species is characterised by the presence of witty, inquisitive and flexible mind, piercing, all-seeing eyes and an insatiable appetite for learning.


Our investees are borrowers with solid fundamentals temporarily exposed to non-standard conditions.

We tend to help companies that require growth or acquisition capital. We may also be involved in recapitalizations and bridge financings and prefer sponsorless deals.

SIG-i is a supportive and patient capital provider. It stays engaged with the investees during an entire investment period and takes an active but constructive stance in adverse market conditions.


SIG-i Capital deploys value investing philosophy that involves obtaining a thorough understanding of an investee company’s business model and strategy.

SIG-i’s focus on the economics of the business is welcomed by investee companies and often helps the firm become the partner of choice.


Differentiated due diligence, innovative structuring and proactive deal sourcing are our strengths.

The team pioneered a number of non-standard structuring features to address investment-specific risks that were instrumental to securing the transactions in question. Detailed and independent analysis also facilitates a nuanced understanding of the risks and the attractions of an investment improving the likelihood of achieving investment risk/return targets.

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